How Does a Sex Crime Conviction Impact Your Future?

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how does a sex crime conviction impact your future in Louisiana

Sex crimes are some of the most serious in nature. Being charged with a sex crime like rape, sexual assault, statutory rape or child pornography strikes fear in anyone who faces it. We know that an accusation of a sex crime does not mean you're guilty. It is important to hire an experienced sex crimes attorney to fight on your behalf if you have been accused or charged with a sex crime.

There are a lot of concerns regarding the criminal penalties after a sex crime conviction. The sentencing requirements and potential consequences vary widely for sex crimes and depend on the specific facts of each case. However, even the most minor sex crime charge can have long-term repercussions on your future, making it vital to have legal counsel whenever your freedom is at stake.

Sex Offender Registration

A sex crime conviction can result in long prison sentences and fines, but it also comes with a damaging stigma and registration on the public sex offender registry. This registry dictates some of the requirements you must meet when considering multiple aspects of life, including the following:


You will most likely have to disclose to your employer or potential employer that you are on the sex offender registry. In many situations, this can impact your ability to get a job, or to keep the current occupation you have.


Being on the sex offender registry may mean that you're unable to live in the vicinity of the victim. If the crime involved a minor, living restrictions prevent you from living near playgrounds, schools, parks and other places where children are most often. A sex offense conviction is also cause for a potential landlord to deny your application.

Public information

When you have to register on the sex offender registry, a significant amount of your personal information becomes public. This includes your contact information, a photo, employer information, fingerprints, and more.

A sex crime conviction can turn your life upside down. Proving your innocence can defend you from prison time, fines, and the long-term impact of having your name on a sex offender registry.

The experienced team of attorneys at The Ambeau Law Firm can recognize the errors that may lead to your false arrest. When you're innocent of such heinous accusations, you can count on our Baton Rouge sex crime attorneys to stand in your corner and fight for your freedom.

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