Internet Sex Crimes

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Types of Internet Sex Crimes

Typically, internet sex crimes are considered federal offenses. As such, they carry very serious penalties, including jail and/or prison time, fines and court fees, and mandatory registration on the publicly available sex offender registry. Even being merely accused of an internet sex crime—whether or not you are charged, let alone convicted—can have a serious detrimental impact on your reputation.

So, what exactly are internet sex crimes? Some common examples include:

  • Child pornography, including creation, distribution, or possession
  • Sending sexually explicit texts/messages to a minor
  • Sending or receiving sexually explicit images of a minor
  • Using sexual pictures or texts to extort another individual
  • Soliciting prostitution over the internet
  • Sex trafficking conducted online
  • Having/using social media as a convicted sex offender
  • Soliciting or luring a minor for the purpose of sexual activity via the internet

Essentially, any criminal activity that is sexual in nature and which occurs through the use of a computer, the internet, social media, etc. is considered an internet sex crime.

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