Protective Orders in Louisiana

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMar 14, 20230 Comments

A protective order, restraining order, injunction against abuse, peace bond, or criminal order of protection are all terms used generally to refer to court orders that require one person to stay away from another person.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauFeb 16, 20230 Comments

Most people facing criminal charges are terrified, and they need help. Even if you're innocent, the law can be intimidating to navigate without an experienced attorney by your side. The good news is that finding a lawyer is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. But with so many websites and billboards out there, how do you know which lawyer is best for your needs? Here are five questions to ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney.

Louisiana Drug Laws

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJan 31, 20230 Comments

The penalties for drug crimes in Louisiana range from fines to jail time. Sentencing guidelines vary depending on the type of drug, the amount found, aggravating elements like the presence of guns and many other facts surrounding each case. Do not rely on Google or friends with "similar" cases for answers to legal questions about your specific criminal case. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

5 Myths About Louisiana Criminal Defense

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJan 17, 20230 Comments

Are you facing criminal charges in Louisiana? Do you need a criminal defense attorney? If so, you feel overwhelmed and confused about your rights. It's normal to feel this way - there are a lot of myths about the criminal justice system. To help you understand the criminal defense process, we've debunked five common myths about Louisiana criminal defense.

What to Expect From Arraignment to Trial

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauOct 19, 20220 Comments

Being charged with a crime or facing a prison sentence is a scary, nerve-racking experience. Even if you have been through the legal process before, you may not know what to expect after being charged with a crime. Each case is different, but this article provides an overview of what to expect after you post a bond or have an arraignment in a criminal case. 

Who Am I & How DNA Figured It Out!

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJul 06, 20210 Comments

HOW CAN DNA AND FORENSIC EVIDENCE HELP YOU? Imagine you have sent off your DNA to and find you have a family member who has been an unidentified missing person for decades. Check out this article on how DNA and Forensic Evidence helped identify this missing young boy. He was f...

Why Does Louisiana Lead the Nation in Murders?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMay 06, 20210 Comments

Statistics of Violence in New Orleans and Surrounding Cities. If you are a resident of Louisiana, then you know there is so much to adore about the Pelican State. Filled with sports fanatics, a subtropical climate, delicious Cajun and Creole cuisine, and a lower cost of living than the rest of th...

How Should Firearms Be Transported in a Boat?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauApr 08, 20210 Comments

What “Shall-Issue” Laws Mean and How They Affect Your Rights in the Boat Lover's Dream State, Louisiana Gun ownership is regulated by federal law, including restriction of the ownership of specific types of firearms. The National Firearms Act puts restrictions on the sale or possession of short-b...

First-Degree Murder vs. Second-Degree Murder

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMar 24, 20210 Comments

What Does a First-Degree Murder Charge Mean? A first-degree murder refers to an unlawful killing that is willful and premeditated. It is the most serious of all homicide offenses in Louisiana. First-degree murder is punishable by death or a sentence of life in prison at hard labor without benefit...

What Does the Law Say About Prostitution?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMar 09, 20210 Comments

About Criminal Prostitution Law and What Acts Are Considered Prostitution Prostitution is defined as the exchange of sexual activity for money. It is illegal in all of the U.S. except in 12 of Nevada's 16 counties. In 1971, the Storey County Commission officially sanctioned Joe Conforte's Mustang...

What Is a Forensic Attorney?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJan 30, 20210 Comments

Reviewing DNA and Forensic Science Evidence Forensic investigations involve gathering and analyzing crime-related physical evidence in order to determine guilt or reach a conclusion in a case. During a forensic investigation, investigators will analyze blood, fluid, fingerprints, and residue to b...

What Are the Most Common Types of Violent Crimes?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJan 29, 20210 Comments

Learn About the Main Types of Violent Crimes In the U.S., violent crimes are defined as incidents that involve force or the threat of force. In 2019, there were 1.2 million violent crimes reported in the country. This means that every year, millions of individuals find themselves being accused of...

State vs. Federal Criminal Charges

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauDec 23, 20200 Comments

An Inside Look at Federal Crimes, Procedures, and Penalties The difference between state and federal crimes is significant. While state and federal charges should not be treated lightly, accusations brought by the federal government are particularly terrifying. This is because the US government h...

What is Mail Fraud?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauDec 17, 20200 Comments

According to the US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), any fraud that involves the US mail is mail fraud, whether it originates in the mail, by phone, or online. As such, you should be aware of the following types of mail fraud that federal agencies such ...

8 Examples of Extortion to Know

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauNov 22, 20200 Comments

Extortion is the communication of threats to another with the intention to obtain anything of value or any acquittance, advantage, or immunity of any description. If convicted, you could suffer imprisonment for one to 15 years in addition to fines, victim restitution, and more.

What Is the Castle Doctrine?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauNov 10, 20200 Comments

A Closer Look at Louisiana ‘Stand Your Ground' Laws Imagine this. It is 3 a.m. and you wake up to the sound of footsteps in your living room downstairs. You check your outdoor security camera footage to see if anyone broke into your house. To your surprise, someone did, in fact, break into your h...

Lead Exposure & Crime: Is There a Connection?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauOct 12, 20200 Comments

Lead as a Possible Influence of Crime Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal that is found in the air, soil, water, homes, buildings and more. Fossil fuels such as gasoline in addition to paint, ceramics, pipes, batteries, cosmetics and more have historically contained lead, which is harmful t...

Who Can Own a Firearm in Louisiana?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauSep 30, 20200 Comments

LA Firearm Laws Louisiana is well-known for its relatively lenient firearm laws. As on open-carry state that typically does not require background checks to purchase a firearm, it's fair to say that the Second Amendment is a major priority in the state. For clarification, “firearm” means any pist...

DWI & License Suspensions

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauSep 12, 20200 Comments

How DWI Charges Impact Your Driving Privileges Driving while intoxicated (DWI) carries more penalties than you may realize. As a reminder, a DWI charge is issued when a driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 or above. Besides the typical jail times and fines, you may also lose a key co...

What Is the “Ban the Box” Movement?

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauAug 07, 20200 Comments

Louisiana's Significant Victory in Higher Education Louisiana is the first state in the nation to implement a statewide ban prohibiting public colleges from asking applicants about their criminal records. Considering that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country, this is a huge...

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