1st Degree Murder

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In Louisiana, first-degree murder is defined as the killing of another human being when the offender:

  • Has the specific intent to kill, or;
  • Intends to cause “great bodily harm.”

This includes instances in which a person has the intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm on: a police officer, peace officer, or person in a similar occupation; multiple people; someone under the age of 12 or over the age of 64; someone who has a “no contact” order against the alleged offender; or a witness to a crime or the family member of someone who was a witness to a crime. It also includes instances in which a person plans to or receives money or something of value in exchange for killing another person or when the killing takes place during the commission of another crime, such as a drug crime, kidnapping, robbery, or rape.

If you or someone you care about is facing first-degree murder charges, it is absolutely essential that you reach out to a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling violent crimes. The Ambeau Law Firm has been serving clients in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Gonzales, and the surrounding areas for more than a decade, and we have a proven track record of success in these types of cases.

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Possible Penalties for First-Degree Murder

It should be obvious that a person indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder in Louisiana should do everything possible to hire an attorney, particularly one that has experience in defending these cases. This particular charge in Louisiana really only has one application, and it is to seek the death penalty against the defendant.

Possible penalties for first-degree murder in Louisiana include:

  • Death
  • Life imprisonment with hard labor and without parole
  • Fines and court costs

The primary difference between first- and second-degree murder in Louisiana is that first-degree murder carries the possibility of capital punishment. For this reason, the primary purpose of first-degree murder charges is typically to seek the death penalty.

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First-degree murder cases pose very unique challenges and require expansive resources in the private context. At The Ambeau Law Firm, we stand ready to defend you or your loved one in a first-degree murder case. We are prepared to put together the kind of team that will represent the interests of our clients in the best manner possible.

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