Felonies in Louisiana

Felonies are considered the most severe crime classification. Felony crimes often involve serious personal injury, death, or property loss.

In Louisiana, felonies are not categorized into classifications as in many other states. Instead, Louisiana felonies are defined as any crime for which you can be punished for over one year in prison. Some of the felonies in Louisiana are:

Felony crimes in Louisiana are punished according to specific guidelines for each crime. In Louisiana, the death penalty is a legal punishment for capital offenses. Though the death penalty is reserved for the most severe of offenses, other punishments can still ruin the life of an accused criminal. An accusation or charge of a felony is a very serious matter. A felony conviction will become part of your permanent record and can impact your life for many years to come.

If you have been charged with a felony, it is essential that you seek immediate help from an experienced Louisiana attorney. One of the biggest mistakes people make when charged with a crime is waiting too long before hiring an attorney. In fact, the sooner you get an expert involved, the better your chances will be of a successful result. Your attorney will immediately review your case and start to work on your defense. You should not speak to anyone about the case until you have spoken with your attorney.

Your attorney will represent you at the very first hearing. At this hearing, your attorney will work to try to have your charges reduced and your bail lowered. This will immediately create a positive impact on your case and can help improve your final outcome.

Felony Penalties

The penalties for felony convictions in Louisiana are very severe and are determined based on guidelines for each specific category of crime. In addition to a prison sentence, those convicted of felony crimes may also face fines, probation, hard labor, and possibly the death penalty. Prison sentences may be from 45 days to life in prison, depending on how serious the crime.

  • Life Imprisonment (with or without the possibility of parole)
  • Death Penalty
  • Probation
  • Hard Labor (while imprisoned)
  • Fines
  • Community Service

Defending Felony Crimes

An experienced attorney will develop the strongest possible defense as it applies to your case. A good lawyer will work diligently to defend you every step of the way. You must immediately engage an attorney when you have been charged with a felony. Discuss the case with your attorney and follow his instructions. You should not talk to anyone about the case unless your attorney is present. Your lawyer will work to get your charges reduced if possible and will also try to have your bail lowered. Then, your lawyer will evaluate your case in detail and defend you at trial. Choosing a highly qualified defense attorney will greatly improve your chances of resolving the matter.

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