I am committed to fighting for your rights and working diligently to achieve the best outcome possible in your legal matter. I am honored to practice law in the State of Louisiana, and the Parishes of Ascension and East Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. I will care for your legal matter as though it were my own. I understand that you worked hard to earn the fees paid to my office – I will give you a diligent and honorable effort in return.

Personal Biography

Born and raised in Louisiana, I spent significant time in Tennessee and Georgia in the 90's, but returned home to go to school and have lived here since 1998.

I spent more than twenty years in the restaurant business, culminating in managing a premiere white tablecloth steak house; where, as the sommelier, I was responsible for the 3,000 bottle wine list. I also ran the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, a skill set I am able to put to use in my law practice.

I have five children ages 26 to 2, and one step-son. And am lucky enough to be married to Ms. Mindy Ambeau, previously an emergency room nurse, prior to taking leave to raise our youngest child.

Educational Biography

I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Thomas Edison State College, a leading distance learning institution located in New Jersey. I completed my undergraduate studies while deployed to Kuwait/Iraq in 2004.  Prior to deployment, I had studied at Louisiana State University for 3 ½ years. My undergraduate thesis at LSU focused on the ethics of Immanuel Kant and a formal logic analysis of his formulations of the moral law from his famous book ‘Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals'.

I graduated from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University in the spring of 2008, where I was a two time finalist in the Ira S. Flory Moot Court competition and a member of the 2007-2008 Moot Court Board.

I am currently enrolled in a Masters Degree Program at the University of Florida, distance learning, studying Forensic DNA and Serology. I hope to complete this masters degree in the summer or fall of 2019. I am also working on a book on meeting the challenge of DNA in the courtroom, hoping to publish concurrent with obtaining my degree.

Military Biography

I joined the U.S. Military in October of 2001, both in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and a desire to join ROTC at LSU. I transferred to the 22nd LSO Trial Defense Service, a criminal defense arm of the JAG Corps, in December of 2003 to function as a 27D, paralegal, in an environment that would offer the opportunity to learn about the practice of law.

In May of 2004, I volunteered to be deployed to Iraq. I was sent to Kuwait where I was the NCOIC of the Kuwait Trial Defense Service office. The attorney for whom I worked was assigned to one of the Abu Ghirab soldiers and we functioned as her defense team for the duration of my deployment. We spent significant time traveling to Iraq in support of soldiers as legal defense. In addition, we had 5 General Courts Martial, and about 400 Article 15 proceedings, non-judicial punishment in the UCMJ. I redeployed in January of 2005 and returned home shortly thereafter.

Since my return, I have been a member of the 22nd LSO, Trial Defense Service, Team 15, in New Orleans, LA.

Though I had been selected to commission as a 27A, JAG Officer, with the 22nd LSO, TDS; I have decided to leave the U.S. Army after 12 years. I will get out of the U. S. Army sometime in the fall of 2013.

Honors & Service

  • Invited to be a ‘special advisor' to the Code of Criminal Procedure Revision Committee, 2013.
  • Instructor for the 23rd Judicial District Indigent Defense Board, ‘Voir Dire CLE', 2012 and 2013.
  • Co-chair of the LACDL DWI CLE 2013
  • Chair of the LACDL Annual Forensic Science CLE 2017 – present

Training & Instruction

CLE – Public Defender Association of Louisiana (PDAL) - Oct 2018

  • “Forensics 101”, 1-hour presentation at this CLE, focusing on forensic DNA science and mixture interpretation

Chair/Presentor, LACDL Forensics Science CLE - Aug 2018

  • Chaired Forensic Science CLE
  • “DNA Intro”, 1-hour presentation at this CLE

CLE – 23RD JDC Bar Association - June 2018

  • DNA Mixture Analysis and Interpretation

National Forensic College, Cardozo Law School

  • Completed 40-hour course in forensic science; fingerprints, DNA, computer/cell phone, statistics, and confessions; with the Innocence Project, at Cardozo Law School in New York, NY

Chair/Presentor, LACDL Forensics Science CLE - Aug 2017

  • Chaired Forensic Science CLE
  • “DNA Challenges”, 1-hour presentation at this CLE

National Forensic College, Cardozo Law School - May 2016

  • Completed 40-hour course in forensic science; fingerprints, DNA, computer/cell phone, and confessions; with the Innocence Project, at Cardozo Law School in New York, NY



2009 – 2010: Dugas, LeBlanc & Mire, Donaldsonville, LA.

2009 – present: Contract Felony Public Defender, 23rd Judicial District Indigent Defense Board, Div “A”

2010 – present: Owner, The Ambeau Law Firm.

Military Service

2001 – 2016: U.S. Army, 27D Paralegal Specialist, Trial Defense Service, JAG Corps.

2004 – 2005: Deployment to Kuwait/Iraq.

Professional Experience

The Ambeau Law Firm, Llc - May 2009 to Present

  • Principal of this Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury representation/litigation law firm
  • More than 10 felony jury trials in private representation, including presenting/handling extensive forensic science evidence

Contract Public Defender, 23rd JDC - May 2009 to Dec 2018 

  • More than 30 felony jury trials in public defense representation
  • More than 20 cases in which I presented/challenged extensive forensic science evidence, including 10 in which there was extensive forensic DNA evidence

United States Army, JAG Corps - Oct 2001 to Oct 2016 

  • 27D Paralegal in the Trial Defense Service (criminal defense of soldiers) of the JAG Corps
  • Including deployment to Iraq from May 2004 to Jan 2005 in support of Trail Defense Service mission.


  • Master of Science in Pharmacy, Forensic DNA and SerologyUniversity of Florida- Graduate School
  • Juris DoctoratePaul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University- Graduate School2008
  • Bachelor of Civil LawsPaul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University- Undergraduate School2008
  • Bachelor in Science, PhilosophyThomas Edison State University- Undergraduate School2005



  • Louisiana State Bar Association
  • LSBA – Right to Counsel Committee
  • Criminal Justice Committee
  • American Bar Association
  • Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers    

Practice Areas