In today's criminal defense environment, not engaging an expert in forensic science is a disservice to the people we serve. This is especially true in the case of DNA evidence.

As a practicing criminal defense attorney, I am keenly aware of the financial limitations of many of our clients and the impact those limits can have on an effective defense. Balancing the need for an expert consultation, expert court appearances and the use of limited resources is an ongoing challenge.

Forensic DNA Litigation
Ambeau Law Firm Infographic on Forensic DNA

At The Ambeau Law Firm, we are committed to assisting the criminal defense community with DNA and forensic science evidence effectively and efficiently.

The Reality of DNA Evidence

DNA is perceived by judges and juries as absolute truth – often without any reasonable challenge. The other forensic sciences; fingerprints, firearm matching, toxicology, blood spatter, confessions, etc., are also given great weight in cases where an ‘expert' is brought in by the State and the evidentiary value of this information is grossly over-stated, and often without reasonable challenge.

We Level the Playing Field

The State has nearly endless resources to prosecute criminal defendants, it's time the defense community had a reasonable and affordable response to this powerful evidence. We are here to serve the defense community.

We offer a set of reasonable litigation support services here at The Ambeau Law firm;

  1. Initial review of DNA and/or forensic science evidence; and
  2. Consultation as to additional discovery requests; and
  3. Report generation on the reasonable challenges to the individual analyst, and reasonable challenges to the science, including Daubert/Frye hearings and motions practice; and
  4. Generation of effective cross-examination of the prosecution expert; and
  5. Trial attendance to assist with responsive cross-examination; and
  6. Cross-examination of the prosecution's expert and/or direct examination of the defense expert.

Give us a call at (225) 330-7009 today. Together let's figure out how to meet the challenge of DNA and forensic science evidence, and let's bring the good fight on behalf of our clients.