Criminal Defense Attorneys in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Ambeau Law Firm represents clients in all types of criminal matters, from DWI defense to theft to the most serious violent crimes. If you are charged with a crime in Louisiana, you need an advocate who will fight for your constitutional rights and place the burden squarely on the state to bring the case against you.

Our Baton Rouge criminal defense attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights at every stage of the process, including:

  • Pre-arrest
  • Pre-trial
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Evidentiary hearings
  • Jury Trial

When you work with The Ambeau Law Firm, you will have consistent personal contact with criminal defense attorneys Jarrett Ambeau  Ryan Volo,, and/or Maeghan Kling, and full support from the administrative staff. We care about you and your legal issue, and we understand your stress. We are here to shoulder the burden for you and fight for the best outcome possible.

We Fight For You

The Ambeau Law Firm understands that we work for our clients. We will work hard for you as we strive to get the best possible outcome for your legal challenges.

Learn more about how our Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyers can assist you:

Throughout every step of the process, we will maintain the highest level of integrity, honor, and respect for our clients and opposing parties.

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Experience & Integrity Make All the Difference

The Ambeau Law Firm is known across Louisiana as a criminal defense law firm dedicated to a higher level of excellence and integrity, both in our interactions with clients and the courtroom.

What Makes The Ambeau Law Firm Different?

  • Straightforward, Honest Communication
  • 10+ Years as a Volunteer Public Defender
  • 40+ Jury Trials Handled to Verdict
  • Court-Qualified Expert in Forensic DNA Interpretation