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We at the Ambeau Law Firm we are committed to working to get you through your criminal defense challenge and achieving the best outcome possible.  We will serve your interests in an honest and ethical manner, and work diligently toward the goals we develop together.  We understand that this is a difficult time and understand that there are many options in criminal defense. We appreciate your interest and invite you to give us a call, come in and meet with our trial attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, and determine if we are the right criminal defense solution.


Criminal Defense Lawyer – Baton Rouge/Ascension

We are criminal defense lawyers with offices in Baton Rouge and Ascension Parishes. We represent clients all over the southern part of the State of Louisiana in serious felony criminal charges in the federal and state court.

When you are the subject of an investigation, or have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you must consult an attorney experienced in criminal defense. It is not in your best interest to take any action without first communicating with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer that represents clients in Louisiana criminal defense matters and is willing to take the matter to trial and fight the State or Government on your behalf.

We here at the Ambeau Law Firm have extensive experience in taking cases to jury trial in Louisiana, and extensive experience with complex issues in the criminal defense context.

This is not an easy time for you or your loved one, and we are here to help you through this matter. We will stand out front and fight for your rights. At the Ambeau Law Firm we will not give up on you or your case, and we will take the matter to jury trial if its in your best interest.

Give us a call today and let us show you what the criminal defense lawyers here at the Ambeau Law Firm can do for you.

Thank you for coming by, Jarrett Ambeau

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Forensic DNA Interpretation

Last week I was qualified as an expert in Forensic DNA Interpretation in a Louisiana District court. The following video, The Issue #50, addresses why I think this is so important in the criminal justice system, and why I am so excited to make myself available to other attorneys in these very difficult cases. I […]

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LA R.S. 14:8 Criminal Conduct

§8.  Criminal conduct Criminal conduct consists of: (1)  An act or a failure to act that produces criminal consequences, and which is combined with criminal intent; or (2)  A mere act or failure to act that produces criminal consequences, where there is no requirement of criminal intent; or (3)  Criminal negligence that produces criminal consequences. […]

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