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The Ambeau Law Firm is a team of criminal defense attorneys led by Jarrett Ambeau. We proudly serve clients across South Louisiana - including in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Prairieville, Livingston Parish, Assumption Parish, Ascension Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, St. James Parish, and the surrounding areas. 

We provide expert legal guidance in criminal defense matters and cases requiring expert forensic DNA services. 

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  • NOT GUILTY: This client was accused and prosecuted for a 3rd-degree rape in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. The "victim" in the case was less than credible under cross-examination and the jury did not believe that the act was involuntary. After a week-long jury trial, the jury found my client not... Read On

  • NOT GUILTY: Our client was charged with 2nd-degree murder in St. James Parish, Louisiana. A killing occurred very late at night and the one eye-witness had previously said he could identify the shooter. Under cross-examination, and after showing him the lighting at the scene that night, he admitt... Read On

  • CONSULTATION: Reviewing DNA analysis in this matter, including complex mixture and probabilistic genotyping, and assisting lead counsel in hiring outside experts and direct and cross-examination. Read On

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It is your right to retain criminal defense representation as soon as possible following your arrest. If you or a loved one is the subject of a criminal investigation or has been charged with a criminal offense, consult a trusted and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Jarrett Ambeau is a criminal defense trial attorney dedicated to helping the accused seek justice. With more than 50 felony jury trials to verdict, he's ready to fight your case all the way to a jury trial, if necessary.

Jarrett earned a master's degree in Forensic DNA and Serology in 2020 and is a court-qualified forensic DNA interpretation expert.

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Former Assistant District Attorney Ryan Volo has a keen understanding of the Louisiana justice system - on both sides. As a former prosecutor, Ryan tried 20 felony jury trials for charges including Second Degree Murder and Armed Robbery

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The Ambeau Law Firm is prepared to protect your rights no matter what path your case takes. We are experienced and trusted litigators who know how to challenge the prosecution and fight for our clients.

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