Check out Season Four - Episodes 31 - 40 of "The Issue"

Step into the mind of Criminal Defense Attorney Jarrett Ambeau in Baton Rouge, LA as he walks us through how daily thoughts and inspirations help in court defending citizens through their due process. The messages aren't just for our clients; they are for everyone. Take a listen and see how Ambeau Issues could help you in your life journey.

"The Issue" Episode #31 - Being Prepared

Am I prepared for the challenges of my professional life? What does it mean to be prepared? Being prepared to me is not about organization alone, or about just knowing the requisite information. How in depth is my preparation and is that going to make a difference.

"The Issue" Episode #32 : What are the Consequences?

Reflection on the fast we did previously... when you make a change in your life and better yourself, but your body is begging you to go back to the bad decisions, how do you work through the temptation of falling back into the old ways? This entire food and body situation is parallel to issues in our life!

"The Issue" Episode #33 : The Lost Episode

We're sure episode #33 was absolutely great, too great for publication because it's lost... We're sad about it, but our next few episodes make up for it!

"The Issue" Episode #34 : Sedation

Today is the anniversary of the first time I quit drinking alcohol (and taking any mood-altering drugs) - Feb. 3, 1986. This has always been a time of self-reflection for me, a time to check in on where I am in relation to alcohol use. For many years after I started drinking again in the summer of 2003 this included justification for my level of consumption. This year, after having put away alcohol again on Dec. 23, 2016, I am thinking of the other sedation I choose to use in my life. I have zero issue with alcohol consumption as entertainment. Just as I have zero issue with other forms of escape and entertainment; football games, video games, exercise, ice cream (yummy), etc... My question is only whether those activities are getting involved in my drive to be the best possible person I can be. In my commitment to expansion and growth, am I making choices with sedation that are destructive or distracting? Do my behaviors serve my growth and expansion, or do they serve a meaningful break or recovery period?

"The Issue" Episode #35 : Coaching

Being back in the gym with my trainer today after a couple of months on my own, I had the realization that I am much better when I am willing to have a coach.


"The Issue" Episode #36 : Everyday

I live a habit based life. I have a set of actions I do every morning. On a morning where I am busy and have a world of facts and ideas in my mind, starting jury selection this morning, I know that completing these actions in even more important. I need the power and focus and energy today.

"The Issue" Episode #37 : Gaming

The online gaming world is fun and a way to just de-stress. But diving into a world that is not reality turns out bad, my life focus switched from what was important to playing this game. Is the shame and guilt from playing the game actually bad?

"The Issue" Episode #38 : Preparation is King

The only way we can get ready to fight for our clients is to be ready for anything. Reading and understanding, even when it's items we have studied before, we have to refresh our knowledge to be prepared.

"The Issue" Episode #39 : Not Guilty - in a Small Louisiana Town

Being a criminal defense attorney is my life's purpose. The road to this profession was not easy. The practice itself can be remarkably challenging at times. And, having my client found not guilty in his 2nd degree murder trial last week, it is profoundly rewarding. Interestingly, we sat 11 white people, 10 men and 2 women, on a jury for a second degree murder of a white 18 year-old man. My client is a young black man and was 16 years-old at the time of the fight. This courageous and dutiful jury found my client not guilty, after 6 days of trial and 5 hours of deliberation, in a small Louisiana town outside of Baton Rouge. In today's world, where the system gets it wrong with regard to race at times, it gives me hope to see justice prevail. Race was not an issue in the confrontation, at least to the defense. But race is almost always an issue in a trial where any of the parties are non-white. For this jury, it was not. This was the right and just verdict. And this is why I am a criminal defense attorney.

"The Issue" Episode #40 : Is It Great For Me? Is It Fun?

What are the rewards for the work we do? Are those actually rewards and good for me?