Welcome to "Forensic DNA"

Join Jarrett Ambeau, Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney & Expert in Forensic DNA Interpretation, as he talks to you about DNA in a courtroom and DNA Evidence. Join us for a three-part series on what is DNA and why it's so important in a criminal case. Welcome to our series on forensic DNA profiling and meeting the challenge of this complex and intimidating evidence. I hope to bring some understanding and clarity to attorneys and defendants, and in turn, support the reasonable use of DNA evidence in the courtroom.

"Forensic DNA" Episode 1 : What is DNA Measurement?

To understand Forensic DNA, you must understand what DNA is.
In this episode, we talk about measurement and the scale of the DNA molecule. Understanding this will help to support the videos that follow.

"Forensic DNA" Episode 2 : Lab Report

Second video of the forensic DNA profiling series, bringing clarity and understanding to this difficult topic. We take a look at the DNA lab report (alleles, genotypes, DNA statistics, DNA kits used, DNA lab protocols and procedures) received in criminal cases and talk about the information contained therein.
How do you interpret the lab report? What do the parts of the report mean? Can you go to court with just the report, or do you need supplemental discovery? Answering all these questions and more...

"Forensic DNA" Episode 3 : Steps in Lab Analysis

Continuing series on forensic DNA profiling analysis, covering the 6 steps of analysis in the DNA lab.
We first cover definitions of a few terms and then take a quick look at the 6 steps of analysis - DNA Extraction, DNA Quantification, DNA Amplification, Electrophoresis, Software data analysis, and human interpretation.
Keeping in mind how to meet the challenge of DNA evidence in the courtroom as an attorney and/or defendant.