Check out Season Five - Episodes 41 - 50 of "The Issue"

Step into the mind of Criminal Defense Attorney Jarrett Ambeau in Baton Rouge, LA as he walks us through how daily thoughts and inspirations help in court defending citizens through their due process. The messages aren't just for our clients; they are for everyone. Take a listen and see how Ambeau Issues could help you in your life journey.

"The Issue" Episode #41 : I Don't Get to Complain About the Game if I Write the Rules.

When we get overwhelmed and have placed to many goals and tasks on our shoulders, we have to stop and say, "Hold On! I decided to put this on me." Step back and decide it's time to draw the line and make the rules for your life and time

"The Issue" Episode #42 : I Don't Know

Embracing that you aren't a know it all, that you don't have to know it all is a weight off your shoulders. Embrace the fact that there is just somethings you don't know and don't have to know

"The Issue" Episode # 43 : Money is Love

MONEY. Such a taboo subject for most people and yet each of us struggles in our own way in dealing with money. I think in part because we are unwilling to tell the truth about any issues, and we all get stuck without information and guidance I make zero representation that this is guidance, or even good information, but rather just my current experience and continuing effort to comprehend this central component of our world/community

"The Issue" Episode #44 : Just Do It

How many more excuses will you have until you just bite the bullet and do the job



"The Issue" Episode #45 : Connection

Finding a small thing in common with a person created a zoned in connection



"The Issue" Episode #46 : Authenticity

Authenticity. What does it mean to be authentic? Personally or professionally? Is there connection between the two? Can you be personally disconnected and professionally authentic My realization this morning was that authenticity is connection, or authenticity creates connection. So, if there is a place in your life where you are working to connect - family, spouse, potential clients, current clients, audience, etc. The key to connection is authenticity And what is authenticity? Being real and raw. Being willing to self-examine, to open my heart, to grow and learn, to risk, to be wrong, and most importantly to TELL THE TRUTH. All the time

"The Issue" Episode #47 : Status

We messed up! This isn't episode #46! It's #47 Status can be how YOU look inward, at yourself... But what is your status on the outside. How do other people see you and what would they say about you and your relationships

"The Issue" Episode #48 : The Morning and Night Routine

There is a great purpose in a routine, something you choose to do every day and keep that commitment. There is an accomplishment every morning when I wake up and a sense of completion when I check off everything at night

"The Issue" Episode #49 : The Rock Top

There is resistance in expansion. Much like hitting "rock bottom", when we push ourselves to expand we hit resistance, from so many sources, and it can feel like a "rock top". The resistance can be very difficult and even painful at times

"The Issue" Episode #50 : Forensic DNA Interpretation

A video milestone in our office but also in our life. I am now considered and qualified as an expert in the state of Louisiana in foresic DNA interpretation. Watch and learn more on how this benefits our clients