Check out Season Three - Episodes 21 - 30 of "The Issue"

Step into the mind of Criminal Defense Attorney Jarrett Ambeau in Baton Rouge, LA as he walks us through how daily thoughts and inspirations help in court defending citizens through their due process. The messages aren't just for our clients; they are for everyone. Take a listen and see how Ambeau Issues could help you in your life journey.

"The Issue" Episode #21 - You're Either Growing or You're Falling Behind

Whatever the challenge, wherever your opportunity for growth may be, we don't have to be broken to expand. Humankind is on a steady path of growth throughout time. As individuals we either fall behind this growth, meet it this growth, or bravely exceed it. We are all experiencing this one moment in time as a species. Every action we take is a contribution to the space and time that we occupy, I believe it is our duty as people to make those moments count.

"The Issue" Episode #22 : Morning Routine

What do you do everyday? Do you have a morning ritual, routine? Almost every successful person I know, in any facet of life, has a morning routine, something done everyday, to start the day. This is my morning routine, what I do everyday and the results I have experienced.

"The Issue" Episode #23 : Make It Fun

Even when we're pushing up against our comfort zone and doing things that make us uncomfortable there is room for fun. We have an inclination to view things that are difficult as just that, something that is difficult. Finding joy in hardship and making it fun can push you to places you wouldn't otherwise get to if you were bogged down by the difficulty of a task. Competition can often be an excellent motivator for completing tasks. When we commit ourselves to checking certain boxes it helps to make a game out of it. Involving friends and loved ones in an exercise goal, for example, not only makes it fun but also betters your life and the lives of those around you.

"The Issue" Episode #24 : Natural Talent is Not Enough

Practice Makes Perfect. Natural Talent in whatever it is you choose to be can take you far, but if you don't make the choice to develop your craft beyond your talent then eventually you will fall behind those who have the spirit and drive to be better. Don't let natural talent turn you off from discovering something you may love, or stop you from improving. There is Always room for improvement.

"The Issue" Episode #25 : All the Little Things Add Up

Are you letting the little things affect your life? I realized last year that there where a number of little nonsense issues that I had ignored forever were actually affecting my life as a whole, collectively. So I started changing the equation and removing those issue from my life, and its made a huge difference. Why? Because the little thing add up.

"The Issue" Episode #26 - Fasting

A big part of my life has been to push myself outside of my comfort zone and seek to grow and learn and expand. I am certainly in that mode full speed right now. And, I have decided to make fasting a part of my life. I started a 72 hour fast on Thurs night at 8:00 pm. All kinds of awesome stuff is going on already and I am just half way thorough.

"The Issue" Episode #27 - Fasting Part 2

Just passed 60 hours of fasting. My thoughts on where I am now and what this means in terms of my body and health. I spent the evening gathering information about fasting and health and I will put the video I watched in the comments. I am in actual physical discomfort this morning, different than yesterday. I still don't have a rabid, uncontrollable desire to eat, it just that I am now getting constant physical communication that I am hungry. The differentiation between 'want' and 'need' has been sharpened in this process to be sure. I want to eat, I do not need to eat. And though I have learned this lesson many times in my life, to do so in relation to such a fundamental function of life, eating, is bringing a different kind of understanding. Also, I am going to take advantage of the fasting state I am in, with zero glycogen available in my body, to test the effectiveness of exogenous ketones on my brain. I have to do some biochemistry homework this morning and I am going to start in my current mind state, where my brain is seeking fuel from the fat and muscle in my body, and the drink some exogenous ketones and see if there is an appreciable difference. I have previously tried the keto diet and It does not agree with me, but I think that's because I do not eat enough fat. Adding ketones will solve that problem and give my body the fuel it needs to operate. I'll check in later with the results. Thank you all for participating in this journey with me, knowing there are people watching has made it easier to get through.

"The Issue" Episode #28 : Fasting Part 3

The end of my 72 hour fast and what are my takeaways from the experience.

"The Issue" Episode #29 : Fire is Fuel

The fire and passion of our lives, even the darkness, can be used to push through challenging times. I've thought about motivation on an endless number of nights and never thought about using this kind of energy to move forward. My fire is part of my fuel today.

"The Issue" Episode #30 : I Don't Know

All knowing... should we know the answers to everything? Being honest with yourself and being okay with not knowing everything is. You can say "I am not sure, but I will find out." If you don't know, in court, you answer with honesty. What you have IS YOUR WORD! Your word represents you.