Check out Season One - Episodes 1 - 10 of "The Issue"

Step into the mind of Criminal Defense Attorney Jarrett Ambeau in Baton Rouge, LA as he walks us through how daily thoughts and inspirations help in court defending citizens through their due process. The messages aren't just for our clients; they are for everyone. Take a listen and see how Ambeau Issues could help you in your life journey.

"The Issue" Episode #1 : Control, Power & Change

Can you differentiate between the things you have control over and do not have control over? Does the evidence presented to you change your mind of the events, or do you stand on what you believed before?

"The Issue" Episode #2 : Wake Up

We don't know that we've been asleep until we wake up. What are you missing in life, what is your daily grind blinding you from in your life? We can't do it alone...


"The Issue" Episode #3 : Survivor Mentality

Will life knock you down to where you won't get up? Our strengths can have negative aspects and affect our lives unconsciously. Honest self-examination is the solution to finding the source of our challenges.

"The Issue" Episode #4 : Fundamental Fairness

There's a basic level of fairness that we hope is given to every human. Addressing fundamental fairness and the beliefs of jurors and how to use that to punish a witness that takes the stand and lies or adds to their previous statement(s).

"The Issue" Episode #5 : Do the work, Everyday!

Thinking about what you're going to is a great start, but committing to doing the work, even if it's hard and finishing the work is the most important part. I can think my way to inaction, I'm very good at it. Doing the work makes all the difference in my life.

"The Issue" Episode #6 : Clarity of Purpose

Living my purpose and understanding how seeing benefits in one part of my life can guide me in others. As I write my book on jury trial work I am embracing not knowing where I am going, but being clear about living my purpose and trusting the source in my life.

"The Issue" Episode #7 : Fear

Fear is a powerful force. Whether you use that power as fuel to bravely meet the challenges that you face, or you allow yourself to buckle under the pressure, fear is something we all must deal with.

"The Issue" Episode #8 : Questions and Answers

Whether we're cross examining a witness or striving to improve ourselves it's imperative that we ask the right questions, as well as listen to the answers we are given. How do we discover the right questions to ask and develop the listening skills required to succeed?

"The Issue" Episode #9 : Expansion

I have made remarkable progress in my body transformation over 2019 and feel really great about where I am today. And, I have targets set for 2019 that I could not even imagine in 2018. Why? Because expansion begets expansion. The person I am today can consider much more difficult targets than the guy I was physically in 2018

And, my question for today is, how am I doing that in my profession - jury trial practice. Am I 'working out' my mind everyday in ways that make me better, even incrementally. Working on my files, preparing for jury trials, may do the job; but I think there must be more. Learning from others' point of view is essential to my growth as a professional. Am I getting that regularly in my life? Yes. And it takes effort.

"The Issue" Episode #10 : Know what you can change and what you can't

There are many things in this world, and this justice system, that we cannot change. As trial attorneys, and as people, we must adapt and learn how to operate despite how frustrating the situation may seem. Where do you draw the strength to remain calm and collected in the face of powerlessness