Criminal Justice Summit

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMay 06, 20160 Comments

Criminal Justice Summit

Honored to be included in the Louisiana State Bar Association, Criminal Justice Summit today. This important conference brought together the leaders in criminal justice from around the State, including District Attorneys, Criminal Defense Lawyers, Department of Corrections leaders, Judges and court personnel, and State legislators.

Criminal Justice Summit topics

There were presentations on:

“Reducing Incarceration Rates through Pre-Trial Detention Reform” – mostly focused on bail reform and alternatives to the broken bail and bond system in our State.

“Updates on Juvenile Justice Reform”

“Stabilizing Funding through Justice Reinvestment Initiatives”

“Using Diversion Programs to Alter Outcomes”

It is great as a criminal defense attorney to be included in this discussion, as we can carry the message of people that find themselves subject to the system, and make sure those persons one the other side of the fence understand what it is to have bring the fight for criminal defendants.

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