3 Arrests in Donaldsonville Killing

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three arrested in killing in donaldsonville Louisiana man in handcuffs

A reading of this article in The Advocate brings up a lot of questions. The claim is that there was one shooter, and that person killed a man in a drug transaction gone bad. But then goes on to say that the people who were with the shooter were also arrested for first-degree murder - how is that possibly the case if there was no conspiracy to go out and commit the crime? It seems like one guy shooting another guy who pulled a gun on him in the middle of a drug transaction… I am not sure it is possible to link those persons in the car with the killing.

Three arrested, two wanted for shooting during drug deal

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - Three suspects have been arrested and two more are wanted in connection with a murder Wednesday night in Geismar.

Detectives say five men, Jyrah Bringier, Shedrick Norra, Marcus Sterling, Richard Gauthier Jr., and Bernard Solomon traveled from Donaldsonville to the intersection of Ellem Rd. and Stevenson Rd. to buy prescription cough medicine with codeine from Ledell Maxwell, 38.

According to reports, during the sale Solomon pulled a handgun on Maxwell, who then pulled a handgun of his own and fired at Solomon.

Solomon was shot multiple times and later pronounced dead.

Maxwell, 38, turned himself in Thursday night.  He has been charged with first degree murder.  His bond was set at $1 million.

Sterling, 27, and Gauthier, 18, were arrested Thursday evening and charged with first degree murder.  Their bonds were set at $250,000.

Bringier and Norra are still wanted.  When caught, they will be charged with first degree murder.

Read more here ---> https://www.wafb.com/story/22534674/three-arrested-two-wanted-for-shooting-during-drug-deal/

I know it is limited information, but it seems like overcharging to me. The guys riding in the car need a good attorney…I know one!

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