Check out Season Two - Episodes 11 - 20 of "The Issue"

Step into the mind of Criminal Defense Attorney Jarrett Ambeau in Baton Rouge, LA as he walks us through how daily thoughts and inspirations help in court defending citizens through their due process. The messages aren't just for our clients; they are for everyone. Take a listen and see how Ambeau Issues could help you in your life journey.

"The Issue" Episode #11 : What Stands in the Way, Becomes the Way

Do you go towards the danger? Do you move the obstacles in your life? Any obstacle can be an opportunity for growth and change. When most people are faced with a dilemma or issue their natural first reaction is to run away, to avoid the stressful situation. The key to expanding our minds and improving our sense of self is tackling the problem head on. It is easy to give up and run away, it takes effort and conviction to change and be a greater version of ourselves.

"The Issue" Episode #12 - Why, Why Why?

What underlies our thought, beliefs and actions? Figuring this out in the context of jury trial preparation and practice is central to presenting your case in a way that resonates with jurors.

"The Issue" Episode #13 : Who do we Really Know in Our Lives?

Do you really know the people around you? Do you think a mistake in a person's life will always determine what you think about them? This is an issue about being in the public eye, about what it is to have people think they know you and make judgments with that limited knowledge. We are quick to judge in our society, quick to point the finger, quick to think we are better than others... I am just a guy with a mission to help people, that is all.

"The Issue" Episode #14 : Being the Source of Your Life

In order to be the source of my life, I have to own who I am in this moment and every moment. When I take responsibility for my role in the events that occur around me it brings authenticity and honesty to my being, and allows me to embrace being the source of my life.

"The Issue" Episode #15 : Who You are Today is Not Who You are Tomorrow

Time's arrow marches forward, and who we are is defined by how we change and grow as time moves on. The person I am today, in spiritual, mental, and emotional terms, is different from the person I was a week ago and will be different from the person I am a week from now. If we live our lives without asking questions or challenging ourselves then we are doomed to stagnate. We either continue to grow or we fall behind, stagnation is self-condemnation. The key to remaining present in our lives and continuing to grow and change in a positive way is embracing being the source of our life, and taking responsibility for our actions.

"The Issue" Episode #16 : Mindfulness and Mindlessness

In what way are our habits supporting a life of mindfulness? How am I being mindful today? In what areas of my life am I being mindless? Being mindful is a fundamental precept to growth and expansion, we must notice what we intend to change. Where in my life can I make the changes that allow me to be mindful and make my time expansive and productive?

"The Issue" Episode #17 : Information is Not Action

Collecting information may feel like making progress but it is not. Collecting information is a part of a solid plan, its enlightening, its fun, but it is not action that makes a difference.

"The Issue" Episode #18 : Are We Stuck with Who We Are?

Being honest with myself about who I am and doing the work can get me through even the things I don't believe I can change. We are not stuck with who we are as long as we are willing to do the work. When we live honestly and take responsibility for who we are our capacity for change is limitless.

"The Issue" Episode #19 : We Cannot Go it Alone

We need people in our lives. We can live our lives alone, but growth and expansion requires interaction with other people. We can find a team/tribe/group to accelerate our expansion and be the best possible version of ourselves. For me the team/tribe has always been a must, left alone I am subject to the law of entropy, I will sink to my lowest level.

"The Issue" Episode #20 : Where You are at is Not Wrong/Bad

The desire to grow and expand is not predicated on being broken. We do not have to make today bad or wrong in order to want to make changes in our lives. Making today bad comes with a load of guilt and shame and that is useless. My desire to grow and expand is related to my desire to continue to be the best person I can be for the people in my life and community. The person I am today isn't the person I want to be tomorrow.