DWI Defense Seminar – Mastering Scientific Evidence

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauMar 21, 20130 Comments

DWI defense seminar mastering scientific evidence

I am at a DWI Defense Seminar in New Orleans this week and weekend; constantly working on be as effective as possible for my clients. This is the best scientific evidence seminar that I know of, and it is my fourth year in a row. I learn how to fight and beat the scientific evidence used in DWI cases each time that I am here.

A DWI is a serious matter, misdemeanor or felony. Charges like Vehicular Homicide or Vehicular Negligent Injuring are obviously serious and demand a defense supported by expert analysis and serious hard work. If you find yourself in this position, give us a call at The Ambeau Law Firm; we will go to work for you and bring to bear the resources to get you the best outcome possible.

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