Two Men Arrested on Cocaine Charges in Ascension Parish

Posted by Jarrett P. AmbeauJun 09, 20130 Comments

Drug charge in Ascension Parish- this is the second story in a few days of cocaine arrests in Donaldsonville. Does anyone else think this is a bit strange. This story, as it reads, brings up a lot of question about why the police were watching these guys, what were the circumstances of the surveillance, how well did they see the exchange prior to the stop, was it good enough for reasonable suspicion to stop, etc… So many factual questions in these drug cases.

The story reads: 
"On June 5 the Sheriff's Office narcotics detectives observed two men buying drugs in Donaldsonville. Narcotics detectives observed the drug transaction and followed the pair until they pulled over on side of the roadway. Narcotics detectives watched the pair as they sat in their vehicle and prepared to use the drugs they had just purchased."

Story here --->

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